Dale – thank you for your generous sharing of encyclopedic photographic knowledge and the empathic way you impart it.  (Dr) Peter Randell 2013

Dale - You are the Master Coach.  Thanks heaps.  Ric Butcher 2013

Dale - Thanks for all your assistance with the promotion and organization of this great tour.  Your presence has been an inspiration to every one of us.  Barry Wansborough 2013

Dale – Thank you so much.  You have taken our photography to a new level.  We can’t say enough thank you!

Susan & Ray Moss 2013

Dale – The true master.  Thanks for the great lessons and stories.  Rob Lewis 2013

Dale, you have been an incredible influence on my life and I want you to know that. My photography will never be the same again. And what a wonderful experience being able to share India with you. So, Dale: Thank you!

Rich Swannell, Swannell Foundation, Sept 2005

Your reputation as a passionate photographer is well recognised and no wonder so many people made the effort to travel so far to see you.   

Wanda  Finkle 16 Feb 2006

"Dale, you provided a unique perspective on my cherished wedding day. Your life capturing moments are treasured memories of Joel and mine." -

Jacqueline Preston, IT Manager, 2000

The portraits you took for us to celebrate our 40th wedding anniverary last year are now up on the wall and your photographic skills have received much praise... "That's just how you are!" our friends tell us. So well done and thank you for signing them.  That was a bonus. 

Jan Smith 2003

You are so approachable and compassionate and on fire to willingly help others with the same enthusiasm for bettering their photography and I, for one, am very appreciative of that. Thank you Dale,

Dorothy Martin 11 Sept 2006 

Dear Dale,

Thank you for organizing the Landscape Legends workshop. It was a thoroughly enjoyable and very valuable experience. The program worked well. The new (for me at least) techniques learned will be used for many years.

Denis Glennon AO 29.3.07 (Iconic Images International)

The main thing I learnt from the course is how difficult it is to look after the light, composition, technicalities of the camera whilst also looking after the model (posing them, relaxing them, making it fun for them) whilst also being creative. I certainly need more practise and am pleased to report several of my friends here are volunteering to pose for me! Now I just have to learn to switch off from looking at light all the time, or else my girlfriend will leave me ;-)

Ken Drake June 2006 (Zoo Studio)

The course was challenging, focused and very informative. You share your knowledge, a wonderful gift.

John Scott, farmer, 2002

THANKS a million for presenting such a wonderfully informative & enjoyable workshop on the W/E. You were able to answer so many questions that have been going around, unanswered, in my head....SUCH A RELIEF! 

Denise Williams, Graphic designer, 2002


Just when I think I know everything I can know (and that I must just lack talent!) I learn something knew and my photos improve...

Angie Rowe, farm adviser, 2002

I have just completed a two year on-line course and spent many thousands of dollars. I learned MORE from you in these two days than in the two year on-line course. My photography has taken a new direction and positive leap forwards.

Brett Hussey 2015